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bears and muscleboys workout at our private gym, here is a sample of two straight dads

bears and muscleboys workout at our private gym, here is a sample of two straight dads

beefy huge lats on this Irish fightin dadbear pumping up his biceps and chest on bench

beefy huge lats on this Irish fightin dadbear pumping up his biceps and chest on bench

600,000 photos in members area with assorted amateurs working out like this bearish man

600,000 photos in members area with assorted amateurs working out like this bearish man

massive 19" arms with hairypits and hairypecs on this studbear getting ready to shower

massive 19" arms with hairypits and hairypecs on this studbear getting ready to shower

new oldermen and younger dudes are loaded each week from amateur weight training

new oldermen and younger dudes are loaded each week from amateur weight training


 * A is A Communications Info on Olympic weightlifting.
* About Bodybuilding Information resource community center for bodybuilders
from beginners to experts on building a better body. FREE Bodybuilding webpage, weekly articles, forum, newsletter, 24 hour live chat rooms.
* Adam's Natural Bodybuilding Site Dedicated to natural bodybuilding and gaining quality muscle mass without steroids, growth hormone, or other drugs.
* American Body Building featuring performance drinks, protein bars, contest results, magazines table of contents, covers, and descriptions, pictures of bodybuilders
* American Powerlifting Association Information about the most progressive powerlifting organization in the United States. Online contest entry forms and information.
* Art of Bodybuilding and Fitness
* Australian Muscle Australia's #1 BB & Fitness Site. Official homepage of Mr.Universe, Shane Stratton, and Ms. Australia/ World Figure BB Champion, Diane Jardim Stratton.
* Clarence Bass Bodybuilding and Fitness Home Page.
* Barrnett Training System New
* Better Body
* Bigbodies gallery of bodybuilders' pics
* body building business
* Body Design ProductionsMuscleweb presents bodybuilders with appeal. All athletes are models and workout video stars. The photography is breathtaking.
* bodyfatguide.com The easy way to measure and trim your body fat permanently. No restricted or unbalanced diets. Calculate your body composition and
energy balance. Top 10 diet myths. FREE advice at Fat Talk. FREE Flab Fighters support group.
* Body Building 4 Teenagers This site is dedicated to all teens who want a future in bodybuilding
* bodybuilder.iwarp.com For beginners to hardcore. Find the latest news in bodybuilding,training,pics.
* Bodybuilding in a cave up coming bodybuilding contest
* BODYBUILDING FOR PROFESSIONALS AND BEGINNERS You can see some information about bodybuilding, anabolics, training. (If you can read Russian. I think, anyway.)
* Bodybuilding for the Genetically Average Joe

* The Brotherhood
* Chuck's GymA Site for Natural Bodybuilders to exchange information about Training, Nutrition, and Competitive experiences on the Message Board.
Ronnie Coleman Ronnie Coleman is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and winner of Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia, bodybuilding's most prestigious muscle contest.
* Cyber Iron
* Cyberpump The Home of the HIT (HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING) SQUAD!!!!
* Davin's Gain mass, lose fat, get results FAST.! Bodybuilding information you won't find elsewhere. Secret techniques for fast results for beginner to advanced. Get in shape!
* Joe Deangelis Former Mr.America Mr.USA Mr.Universe, training tips, advice, pictures, videos
* The directory for all Gyms and Health Clubs nationwidewhere you can locate a facility to your liking. Great for those who travel or relocate, and hate to lose a workout.
* Dave Draper Mr Universe Dave Draper - Official site. Mr. America's expert guide to bodybuilding.
* East Coast Muscle
* The European power lifting page
* Female Bodybuilding Gallery
* femalemuscle.com Nice site (sight), guys! and a good one for the ladies too.
* Fitmusscle A dedicated site to bodybuilding, gyms, fitness and sporting links worldwide.
* Fitness Connection Health and fitness directory with links to exercise, weight loss, nutrition, diets, models, equipment, clothing, supplements, software, and more.
* Fitness models for hire
* Fitness Pros Bodybuilding Fitness Pros website is designed as a resource for people interested in bodybuilding and fitness. Free newsletter, articles and book reviews.
* Florida Muscle News Monthly publication on contests, upcoming events, profiles, etc. on bodybuilding in Florida. .
* Fortified Nutrition
* French Bodybuilding Extensive photo coverage of bodybuilding competitions in France and Europe. Press reports. Athlete profiles.
* Gigantic Bodybuilding
* The Gunsite Site to the modern female strength athlete.
* Hans� Gym Cybersite!
* Hardcore Bodybuilding
* Hardtrainer.com British bodybuilding - training bloody hard. Diet, training, gallery, profiles.
* HGH Therapy
* Lee Hayward.com Total Fitness Bodybuilding - Wholesale Supplements, Q and A Column, Bodybuilding Articles, Fitness Programs, etc.
High Energy Fitness The premier site for women's fitness on the Internet
* Hirep Gym Fitness Centre Hirep Gym Fitness Centre for Body Building ,Power Lifting and Body Fat % Analysis.
* The Hurricane Survival Manual
* I LoveMuscle.com Frequently updated male bodybuilder and muscle men pictures.
* ICQ GymA place for bodybuilders and musclemen with ICQ, to locate each other, chat, and more. Use the ICQ list to find bodybuilders from around the world. Download Icq here and add your name to the list now.
* Incredibody Weight (MUSCLE) gain and weight (FAT) loss information!
* Infomuscle Building muscle with quicker results using the reverse pyramid, including training routines and Q & A and more...
* Info for bodybuilders
An introduction to the world of weightlifting - for both men and women
* IPF International Powerlifting Federation
* King Kamali
* Kari's Finnish Bodybuilding Web Site (introduces finnish bodybuilders, gives World Games -info etc.)
* Kraftsport Korte A German Powerlifting-Page: Kraftsport Korte
* Skip La Cour's Mass Machine dedicated to natural bodybuilding.
* Lil' Buffs Bodybuilding & Weightlifting's Most Unique Car Antenna Ornament Ever!
* Leonard Fitness
* Lo Maximo New Latino fitness company
* Magnus "GymRat" Branzen's Home Page
* Manolakis Bodybuilding Drug Free by me!
* Male-muscle.com New Vote for your favorite bodybuilder picture of the week
* Natural weightlifting site for teens with beginner info, advanced info, weight loss tips, and articles.
* Max Muscle Max Muscle is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge Supplements and fitness fashions
* Max Rep Cartoon HomepageThe official home of the hugest bodybuilder in the universe, Max Rep, and his shapely lady Quadra-Blu. Lots of art, previews of the full-length Max Rep comic books, and cool Max and Quadra merchandise.
* NerdStrum's Bodybuilding
* Mesomorphosis.com Bodybuilding Comprehensive resource for the well-informed consumer providing news, research, and information on a variety of bodybuilding and fitness topics including nutrition, exercise, weight control, and diet/bodybuilding drugs. Mesomorphosis exclusives include full-text journal articles, and original review articles.
* Metamuscle.com daily dose of in-depth news for bodybuilding and extreme fitness. News and views from around the web compiled, discussed, and moderated by readers themselves. Detailed information on nutrition, training, steroids/drugs, supplementation, and contests, with a focus on application and research with a built-in medline search.
* Misc.Fitness.Weights, the website:Misc.Fitness.Weights, the website: FAQs,
archives, bios, pictures, references, and links.
* mostmuscular.com The best of NPC bodybuilding: Coverage of national-level events, results, photos and competitor profiles
* Muscle Beach Television Internet (tm) makes Internet history with the first
network-quality series for the Web featuring the sexiest bodybuilders and
models alive.
* musclecanada.com Youth Site, All things are FREE
* Musclehead.com Musclehead - Bodybuilding & Fitness ~ Contains information on gaining massive amounts of muscle in the shortest amount of time possible!
* Musclephotos Bodybuilding Photography by Richard A. Goodman
* Muscle Net. The virtual gym
* Muscle Photos Nice bodybuilding photo gallery
* Muscle Physique Bodybuilding Fitness, Information and Motivation including workout routines, diet and weight Loss.
* Muscletime.comContest coverage of professional BB shows!
* NABBA National Amateur Bodybuilders Association
* NABBA Australian Australias Premier Amateur Bodybuilding Association. News, results and the gallery of Australian NABBA members.
* NaturallyBuilt WNBF Pro Mr.Universe & Pro International Champ Tim Martin - Dedicated to Drug-Free Bodybuilding.
* Netsweat Fitness link site
* NPC Contests NPC bodybuilding contests featuring Northeastern States with competitor gallery and links
* NPC Bodybuilding and Fitness in the Rockies Whether you just need motivation or want to step on stage, click here. See photos, events, IFBB pro interviews, posing videos and more.
* Northeast Classic Website
* optimumfitness This is a premiere bodybuilding, fitness, and powerlifting/weightlifting site dedicated to amateur and pro athletes. It is staffed NPC promoter Prince Harrison who also a member of the Olympic Weightlifting Committee and USPF Sports Medicine Team.
* Physiques-Show.com Physiques-Show is a Search-Engine reflecting Female and Male Bodybuilding Wrestling Fighting Weightlifting Fitness Pictures and Videos. Diet Nutrition and Health Information. Regularly updated.
* Posedown.de Germany's leading Bodybuilding-Site
* Powerattitude New Looks like a nice site if you can read french.
* Powerlifting.com is an independent Powerlifting portal and contains links to hundreds of Powerlifting sites around the world and is about to be relaunched with new functionality.
* Power Profiles Have your own personal page alongside some of the greatest athletes in the world! For $25 a year, you get your own page, with up to 3 pictures, and all the text you want to write about yourself. You also receive 2 updates per year. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. This is a site for Strength and Endurance Athletes to showcase their accomplishments alongside their peers.
* Real Bodybuilding
* Ron's Bodybuilding and Weight Training Site
* Faith Sloan's body building site
* Sports & Special Event Insurance offering sports and event insurance for for event organizers and clubs including participant insurance and spectator liability.
* SteelFitness.Com dedicated to promoting health and fitness to a
worldwide audience. We firmly believe that a healthy body is a result of
proper weight training, sensible nutrition, and a drug-free lifestyle.
* Teen Sportachievement.com
* The Texas Powerlifting Scene Upcoming Texas area powerlifting meets, Texas powerlifting news, the Weights-2-Digest, the Texas Powerlifting Scene's Forum, lots training articles, links and much more!
* The Truly Huge Web Page
* U.R.B. News, Views and advice on all aspects of bodybuilding and fitness.
* Weightliftingetc
* The Wheelchair Bodybuilding Site to let all wheelchair bodybuilders and promotors know about contests
* Werner's Bodybuilding Homepage German Bodybuilding and Powerlifting site.
* Young bodybuilder web gallery Vote for your favorite Junior Class Bodybuilder, loads of HOT bodybuilder posing pics and you're the judge! New pix, and three real video clips.
* Frank Zane's Official Website Frank Zane's Official Website. Frank Zane, 3 time Mr. Olympia, world authority on bodybuilding, health, fitness, training, diet, motivation. Monthly newsletter, personal training, books, supplements, gym equipment, articles, advice, photos.
http://www.usaweightlifting.org/ ― Official weightlifting site for American weightlifting. In order to lift in a USAW sanctioned meet, a lifter must be a card carrying member of the USAW.

http://www.mastersweightlifting.org/ ― Think you're too old to lift? Think again! There is a very active Masters Weightlifting program for lifters 35 and older.

http://www.lifttilyadie.com/w8lift.htm ― One of the most fanatic lifters in the USA ― if not the world ― runs this website. Everything about weightlifting is here.

http://members.aol.com/oldstaterd/main.html ― An entertaining and informative site that covers all aspects of weightlifting. Check out the Hall of Fame section for biographies of key players in American weightlifting.
http://annbarryphotos.com/weightlifting/weightliftingsplash.html ― Ann Barry has been photographing weightlifting meets for over 2 years and gets better with each shot. Her lucid weightlifting photos provide a unique glimpse of the NYC weightlifting community. This new website showcases some of her more important work. Now if only I could take pictures like that!
http://www.tomgorman.moonfruit.com/ ― Tom Gorman has a fabulous site that explains Olympic lifting in detail. Check out the section on the "hook grip"".
http://goheavy.com/forums/olympic/index.cgi/noframes/ - This is the place where the big boys get to play on the computer. An excellent online bulletin board style forum where all things related to Olympic lifting are discussed. Great for the newbie or advanced lifter.
http://womag1.com - Weightlifting Online Magazine, a new Olympic lifting website that allows visitors to add content, interact with other lifters, and read about various weightlifting topics. Check it out!
http://www.teamnewjersey.org ― Do you want to Olympic lift in New Jersey? Then contact Team New Jersey. Established in 2000 by Olympian Bob Giordano, Team New Jersey has been developing some excellent young lifters. Our own LBH Hall of Famer Nick Curry coaches Team New Jersey along with Bob Giordano.
www.oceaniaweightlifting.com ― Planning a trip to the South Pacific or if you simply need a place to lift after a mutiny, then check out this website. These guys take their weightlifting very seriously and have some top notch lifters to prove it. In fact, they give sport cars to their lifters. Move over Bulgaria.
http://www.columbusweightlifting.com/ ― Official website for the Columbus weightlifting team, a powerhouse in American weightlifting.

http://www.geocities.com/washingtonweightlifting/ ― Provides information about Washington State weightlifting, schedules of upcoming competitions, results of past competitions, records, and articles.

http://www.sunzeri.com/AthletesCongress.htm ― Website for the Athletes Congress Weightlifting Team. They are located in the Pacific Weightlifting Association in California, which reaches from Fresno in the south, to the Reno area in the East, and North to Oregon.

http://www.theawc.com/ ― Website for the Aurora Weightlifting Club, which is located in Illinois.

http://www.qwa.org/qwaclubs/cougars/ ― Need a place to lift while in Queensland Australia? Check out the Cougars Weightlifting Club website.
http://www.qwa.org ― Covers the weightlifting scene in Queensland Australia. And if you are traveling and want to find a place to Olympic lift, they have a listing of gyms throughout the world.

http://www.nvbarbell.com/about.htm ― Weightlifting is alive and well in Reno Nevada. Visit the Nevada Barbell Club website.

http://www.teamfloridaweightlifting.com/ ― Sunshine, oranges and Olympic lifting. Team Florida has some very strong young lifters, but they ought to tap into that huge pool of retirees for potential master lifters -- Don't you think?

http://fdzine.com/calpian/index.html ― Website for the Calpian weightlifting club, founded in 1961 by John Thrush to develop weightlifters in western Washington State.

http://www.eastcoastgold.org/ ― Putatively, East Coast Gold is the largest team in the country, comprising Athletes and Coaches from the North East and beyond, who train and compete on regional, national and international levels.

http://www.csus.edu/org/teamsac/ ― Team Sacramento website. All about weightlifting in the Sacramento, California Area.

http://www.peaksweightliftingclub.org ― Peaks Weightlifting Club is place to Olympic lift in Flagstaff Arizona. They provide a supportive environment for Olympic lifters and strength athletes, and they sponsor weightlifting competitions. Check them out!
* Real Solutions Magazine - offers weight training tips on how to build muscle, increase your muscle and fitness and build your best body safely and quickly through muscle building - Golden, Colorado.
* FreedomFly - body building and fitness information network. Marc David, author of the Beginner's Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding, provides fitness articles, supplement reviews, bodybuilding forums and tips and free weight training programs - Walnut Creek, California.
* Critical Bench - weight lifting and weight training resource. Provides weight training advice, bench press secrets, bodybuilding tips, forums, powerlifting, free weight lifting routines, fitness calculators and bench records - Brighton, Massachusetts.
* Weight Lifting Workout Routines - provides weight lifting programs, routines and tips, workout routines to lose fat, get your muscles toned, build muscle and boost strength and features athletic workout routines. Very useful site - recommended! - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
* Building Muscle Men - information resource on building big muscles. Myths about building big muscles debunked. Tips, weight lifting routines and programs, exercises, and nutrition advice - Los Angeles, California.
* Gain Weight Muscle Fast - guide to weight gain diets, bodybuilding supplements and targeted weight training routines. Used by hard gainers to build muscle and gain weight fast - Overland Park, Kansas.
* Quest for Muscle - workouts and diets for men and women. Weight training programs for conditioning, body building, sports, power lifting and more. Build your program in under one minute - Florida.

All Natural Muscular Development Magazine
Muscle Media The art and science of bodybuilding
NBAF National Bodybuilding And Fitness Magazine
BodyBuilding World Weightlifting, diets, supplements, etc zine.
FitnessLink All the news that's fit
Macmuscle Quarterly Great new site galleries, links, features.
Mesomorphosis Bodybuilding and fitness
Body Island Health and fitness on the net
Mens Fitness Online E-zine
Better Body Fitness tips and zine.
A Better Body Articles, pix, men's stuff, etc.
Intense Fitness Magazine
Mens Health Online E-zine
Digital Physique Electronic bodybuilding magazine
Vitality Magazine Online.
Ripped Magazine Men's and Women's fitness.
Bicycling Magazine World's largest cycling publication.

Bodybuilder's Home Pages Large list of bodybuilder personal pages.
A-Z Fitness And Bodybuilding Links Bodybuilding and fitness
Muscle Head Fitness, Bodybuilding, Muscle Gain Tips.
Robinhood's Bodybuilding Site Bodybuilder galleries by level.
Bryan Beckstrand's Down Home Page Personal, bodybuilding, gay, etc.
Ryan's Weightlifting Website All sorts of tips.
Adam's Natural Bodybuilding Site Tips, facts, lots of interesting stuff.
The Pumping Station Good site for beginners and all levels.
Zap's Gym Many resources.
Andy's Bodybuilding Website Personal info and resources.
Rainer's Weight Training Bodybuilding, Fitness and Diet.
Dave Draper's IronOnline Bodybuilding and fitness guide.
Lee Hayward's Total Fitness Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding On A Budget
Hans' Gym Lots of resources.
GymRat's Bodybuilding Page Lots of links, personal info, resources.
Hardgainer's Home Gym Homepage Many resources/links.
Davin's Bodybuilding And Fitness Pages Lots of hints and tips.
Muscle Pup's Bodybuilding Showcase Articles, galleries, news, etc.
Richard Jasper's Page
Sinbad's Arcade The male form, health issues, etc.
Jan Vagner Czech photographer, bodybuilding.
Male Muscle Bodybuilding, chat, gallery.
ExtraFlex Homepage Strength training, weightlifting, business.
The Art Of Bodybuilding & Fitness Lots of resoucres, nice design.
Skippy's New Fitness Page Page dedicated to fitness freaks everywhere.
Steve, Slab's Place Bodybuilding, galleries, etc.
Rick's Pages Fitness, programming, academics and more.
Fig's Weightlifting Page Good tips and articles.
Rick's Homepage Reiki, meditation and bodybuilding.
Mr. Bateman's World Of Muscles
CyberIron Lots of resources/links.
Yona's Health And Fitness Links to many general health resources.
Christian Anderson's IRONSTAR Gym Bodybuilding for men over 40.
Gymbuddy Kong's Homestead
Aaron Baer's Homepage
Ed Corney Bodybuilding and Fitness.
Clarence Bass Bodybuilding and Fitness page.
Rob Kreider Personal bodybuilding site.
Pete Roach Nice page, routines, diet, supplements, etc.
Look Good Naked Bill Dubay's fitness page.

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